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Tamika Smith is a leading construction entrepreneur, widely recognized for her work in the housing the most vulnerable cohorts of our communities, and building businesses with a significant social impact. With 15 years in the construction sector, a decade of which has been specializing in social & affordable housing, Tamika advises State, local governments as well as privatized companies in relation to this particular topic.Working on a long term strategy, having assessed crown land, land leaseholds, sales and ongoing management plans. Tamika has spent over a decade working with the Community Housing sector to assist the delivery of more houses for this segment, working with private and the not for profit sector.Examples include post NRAS, rental portfolios, ageing properties on short term leaseholds, to developing long term programs to see tenants into a home they can call ‘theirs’ forever.

Tamika has experience in the following areas:

affordable housing
Tamika Smith
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